History and objectives

THE ENGLISH STUDY CENTRE was founded by Alberto Gallego and his wife Clare de Largy in 1984 when she moved from her native Belfast to Burgos. Since 1984 the academy has expanded and is now a well recognised specialised centre of English in BURGOS.

There are 10 permanent teachers and a secretary employed in the academy.

In the month of July the academy organises an English summer camp in the northern town of Orduna. In this summer camp the academy employs 9 teachers, 8 leaders, 2 to 3 native language assistants, a head of teachers and a head of the summer camp.


THE ENGLISH STUDY CENTRE has two guiding principles:

  1. to teach English to its students and
  2. to encourage values such as effort, work, respect and cooperation with other school colleagues in the classroom.

With regards to the teaching of English we have always tried to make sure that our students, after a number of years at the academy, are able to speak, understand and write English correctly. We endeavour to make sure that their level is tested by independent examiners.

We always present our students to the exams of CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY and THE OFFICIAL SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES IN SPAIN. It is extremely important to us that our students obtain the certificates that prove their level according to the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK.

Our students

Our students are aged between 6 and 18, though we have a few adult groups preparing for Intermediate to Advanced levels of English as a foreign language as set out by Cambridge University.


The levels that our students did during the school year 2009 -10 were:


  • KET A2
  • PET B1
  • First B2
  • Cae C1
  • Proficiency C2


  • Básico 2 A2
  • Intermedio 2 B1
  • Avanzado 2 B2


During the 2009 -10 school year the number of students who passed the exams is:


  • KET A2
  • PET B1
  • First B2
  • Cae C1
  • Proficiency


  • Básico 2 A2
  • Intermedio 2 B1
  • Avanzado 2 B2


It is essential for THE ENGLISH STUDY CENTRE to have both native English speaking teachers and Spanish speaking teachers who have the right qualifications and who are based in Burgos.

It is also essential to have the same teachers year after year to guarantee a continuity of teaching. All the teachers work together and share the same material and programme for the different levels.


New students:

  • During the month of May.
  • June and September( if there are places available)

Existing English Study Centre students

  • During the months of May and June.
  • September (if there are places available)


The academy has 10 classrooms and a staffroom in Calle Concepción , 6 BURGOS